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Happy Parents

Letters received recently:

6th September 2016

Dear Mrs Shiffman

Our eldest son James has just started in kindergarten today. Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you as the carers looking after James were absolutely brilliant and James settled in, in no time at all (they did a good job of looking after me too, my emotions caught me off guard!). Both the team and the facilities at the kindergarten are excellent, and the environment felt instantly warm, enjoyable and re-assuring.

Yours sincerely

Jane Smith




To: Ms Shiffman, all staff from Class 1 and after school club.

Just a few words to say thank-you to you all for making our daughters early days at the Kindergarten such a happy experience for both ourselves and Holly.

Initially we were both worried about Holly's transition as she had come from another nursery setting, our family have also recently moved into a new home environment following a move in the area, therefore we were expecting her to take some time to settle due to all the recent change. This was certainly not the case, Holly appears to be happy and settled and she shows this by happily explaining what she has done in nursery, from playing, to what she has eaten for dinner in her words "I love nursery", also demonstrates how happy she is.

Holly is delighted that she gets to take lots of things home, such as her paintings, decorated biscuits etc. she really does enjoy the time she spends in class.

We have no doubt that Holly's transition has gone so well due to the hard working dedicated staff, who are also polite, approachable and caring.

Many thanks,

Joanne and James


Dear Ms Shiffman,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the exceptional care that King David Kindergarten has given my daughter Emily.

Emily was in Class 1 and carried on through to Class 2 and is now at the end of her time in the Kindergarten. She has thrived and developed so much during her time in your care and this is due to the dedication and expertise of all of the staff.

Emily has always gone into King David with excitement and a smile on her face as it is such a caring, fun and loving environment.

All of the staff are exceptional. They provide superb education and care to all of the children and most importantly make it fun for them all so they learn and develop with ease. Emily has loved her time with all of the staff but I must say an extra special thank you to Carol in Class 1 and Sharron in Class 2 as these were Emily's key workers and Emily developed a special bond with these 2 special ladies. They cared for Emily in a way that made it easy for me to leave my child in their care and that is not an easy statement to make as it is hard to leave your child at any time. It makes it so much easier when you know how much Emily respects and admires the people she is left with.

My husband and I are exceptionally proud of Emily, she has developed so much and is an asset to us both. I know that the most important thing is a loving home with support which Emily has and always will, but the care and time she received in King David has given her an amazing start in her long educational journey. With a start like Emily has had in your care, she is bound to go far and thrive at whatever she puts her mind to.

My husband and I are forever grateful for all that you have done and would recommend King David Kindergarten to anyone. Emily is thanksful for giving her the tools to grow as an individual and to know that she can achieve and succeed in life.

We will miss her coming into the Kindergarten but hope to bring her little brother when his time comes.

Thanking you all,

Catherine Walker


Dear Mrs Shiffman and Class two staff

I would like to say a massive thank you for welcoming Matthew into class two
at the kindergarten. Matthew has settled into his class well thanks to the
staffs caring nature after he was a little hesitant on his first couple of
visits. The staff recognised Matthews interests and used these to encourage
him to feel happy and excited about his day in nursery. Helen encourage and
help make Matthew a Spider-Man mask to engage him into an activity and to
keep his attention away from me leaving in the morning. Matthew loves this
Spider--Man mask at home and associates it with starting nursery. He has
also talked about when the staff and him have laughed about something which
I feel is great that he can do this with the staff and he has a good
relationship with them. We often drive past the nursery and Matthew loves to
point out 'that's my school', it is brilliant that he feels part of
something and also feels proud.

It is really good that the staff write on the board what the children have
been doing that day in their groups so parents can talk to their children
about this. I also look forward to Matthew pointing out any work he has done
on the display outside or in his tray to take home.

My family and myself are so pleased that Matthew is enjoying his time at the
nursery and we are thrilled that we chose King David Kindergarten for the
start of Matthews academic journey.


Nicola Smith


To all the Staff at King David Kindergarten

I just wanted to write a short letter to say a very big thank you to all the staff at King David.

When I first started my search for nurseries I can honestly say from my first visit to KD I had a lovely feel for it and now some twelve months later, I feel fortunate to have been a part of it and I know both myself, and Tegan especially, will leave with very fond memories.

From Tegan's first day, which was a little daunting for new parents, let alone the children, and not knowing what to expect, we were always made to feel a big part of Tegan's new surroundings.

Although a little hesitant at first it was a joy to soon see Tegan skipping into nursery, which itself speaks volumes of how happy she has been there. It has also been a comfort to myself knowing how well all the children are cared for and looked after.

I've seen Tegan progress immensely throughout her year at KD, from being quite shy and hesitant in new surroundings to develop confidence in herself and in a group setting. To be able to assess and work towards each child's individual need takes an exceptional understanding and is a special teaching skill. I'm only sorry Tegan couldn't have stayed at the Kindergarten a little longer! Although I am confident through the work you have done, will now make the transition from a nursery setting to a new school environment an adventure for Tegan to look forward to.

I can't speak highly enough of your nursery and your dedicated team of teaching staff, you work hard at what you do and do it well, the children have done so much throughout the year which I appreciate must involve an extreme amount of preparation and research to such a young age group. A huge thank you to Tracy too for being such a lovely key worker with Tegan, she always speaks very highly of you and I'm sure will miss you greatly.

Last but by no means least, the class photograph and DVD are an absolute treasure, such a special gift for each child to have throughout life. (I'm sorry you were yourselves camera shy though! It would have been nice to see you all in the photograph!) It has also been a privilege to see some of the Jewish faith in practice and for Tegan to be a part of the Jewish way of life and some of your traditions. We will both take some lovely memories away with us and of course reminiscences of 'Frozen'!

Thank you again for your kindness and friendliness, it's something I won't forget and will always remind Tegan of her time with you all.

I wish you well and who knows our paths may cross again if Tegan is ever fortunate enough to return at some stage to attend KD High School.

Wendy Thomas


FAO Mrs. Shiffman

...........Thank you so much for everything you and the other staff have done to help Alexander settle. Your positive and friendly approach and attitudes have not only helped the transition for Alexander but also for myself and my husband as parents. You and the rest of the staff have really made us all feel like part of the Kindergarten family and I cannot put into words how much we appreciate it all. We are really impressed with every aspect of the indergarten, especially its amazing staff!

Thank you once again

Lisa Mavrakakis


King David Kindergarten Newsletter October 2017


A warm welcome to everybody!

Oneg Shabbat

The children always enjoy their Shabbat Party. They take it in turns to be Aba, Ima, Yalda, Yelda and Chaverim, (Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter and Friends)

Chagim (Jewish Holidays)

All the Chagim have been celebrated appropriately with fabulous artwork, and a visit to the succah at the Primary School.

Shoe Boxes

The children had lots of fun showing their peers all their favourite items which they brought from home.


We hope you are enjoying all the Autumn scenes which the children have created.

The children loved going on their nature walks to collect leaves and twigs.

Class Two children are enjoying learning how to sign.

They have also been learning about Stranger Danger.

Next Term we hope to have a visit from a member of the Police Force to talk to all the children about Stranger Danger.

KIDS Committee

The KIDS  committee is up and running again - a big thank you to Amy Maher and her team.

Change of Address / phone Number

It is of paramount importance that the kindergarten is kept up to date with any telephone/address changes.

Appropriate Clothing

Can I please remind parents/carers that children should wear named appropriate clothing for kindergarten (no converse style shoes)

Children should bring warm outerwear which will allow them to take part in the outdoor curriculum.

We are in the process of installing curriculum sheds in our outdoor area.


Wheel Tables

Thank you to Mr Hutton and Mr Gillespie for the cable drums - the children have been having an amazing time creating different models with them.

Family Album

To complete the family albums in both classes, can I please remind you to bring in some of your family photographs. The children are enjoying explaining to everybody who their family members are.


If you have a hobby/skill which you would like to share with the children please contact Rose Shiffman


Judy Cohen

A big thank you to Judy who volounteers at the Kindergarten every Tuesday.



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